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In Precolonial times oysters abounded the coasts of Australia, none more so than Moreton Bay Marine Park [MBMP] where oysters’ bars flourished. In those times these tasty Bivalves provided a valuable source of protein, and the remaining calcium carbonate shell provided the base for making cement for building structures. Oysters now are functionally extinct.

Without these bivalves filtering 140L of water / day, removing the contaminants from water shed, MBMP future is dire. ESRAG Moreton Bay is working with SEQ Universities, OzFish and others to research how we can bring back MBMP for future generations and there-by leaving a legacy. To find out more visit our booth.

ROTATE has a membership of over 430 members. We all collect small recyclable items that the council can recycle. They range from plastic bottle caps to blister packs and all sort of other items.

We have a pamphlet listing the items. We collect free of  charge. We have our own Facebook page and answer questions about recycling. We are in need of collection points so the recycling is made easy. All Rotary clubs can bring their items to RARE in Alexandra Hills

In 2022, there were 247 million cases of malaria and 619,000 deaths, particularly the most vulnerable women and children. Malaria continues to be more than 7 times more prevalent than Polio ever was. It is one of the world’s most deadly diseases. The debilitation caused by malaria is often accepted as a normal part of life in endemic, developing countries.

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is committed to  eliminating malaria from the world– and desperately needs the help of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to continue the fight against this deadly disease.

For more information, contact Russ Stephenson (Northern Region and D9620 RAM Supervisor) or ring 0409 765 124

Teacher In A Box is a huge interactive library of community and academic resources that can be accessed without internet.

Yes, NO internet!!!

Our Teacher in a Box servers can be used for self-paced learning from prep through to university as well as classroom teaching.

Consider deploying a Teacher in a Box server, or 2, as part of your next international project.   It’s easy as all the hard work will be done for you…and it’s fantastic value… just one Teacher in a Box server can support a small community. 

Come and talk to us to find out how!!

Smart First AED Kit provides you with the most intelligent, versatile and easy-to-use lifesaving contents in the world. The comprehensive kits are all designed with the new
lifesaving CellAED® in mind.

CellAED® is a portable defibrillator that can help save the life of a loved one, or workmate, should
they suffer a life-threatening cardiac arrest.

Be sure to meet Rohan Williamson at our House of Friendship!

Beefbank is a charity that was established by Brisbane
Centenary Rotary Club. The purpose of the charity is to process beef cattle into mince, sausages and stewing steak to feed the needy people of Australia. We have provided well over a million meals and are well on the way to achieving our targets for the 2023 year.

We are currently in the process of organising a cattle drive from central north Queensland to Roma which will provide enough meals for most of the country’s food stressed and needy people.

We have national agreements with Foodbank Australia, the Department of Corrections Qld and Fareshare Kitchens Australia. Along with our cattle drive we are also organising a mobile butchering facility to
make use of thousands of cattle that can’t be moved from properties in the large cattle areas of northern Australia!

All donations are tax deductible and can be processed at any location in Australia.

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